The Sandler - Casket Plan

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A simple design that requires no metal in the construction. Rope handles and natural pine creates this simple design. Designed for an intermediately skilled woodworker.
This plan includes 9 pages with all full size to scale components, step by step instruction, and illustrations. Materials lists, Hardware / Supply list, Tool List.
78″ x 22.5″ x 14″ inside

Don H. from Idaho writes:
I just finished building my Sandler coffin. I used poplar and at your suggestion finished it with canola oil. Some say canola may go rancid, but so will I once I’m in it. I crawled in during the construction process and learned what I already suspected that coffins are easier to get into than out of. My coffin 72 inches. I am 65 inches. I modified the ends letting the bottom come all the way through which covers the groove of the routed dovetail. To hold the ends in place I used 3/16 inch dowels like those used to secure the lid instead pinching the last slat into an 1/8th inch deep dado.
I made some errors I had to correct, but I managed to use very little glue and no nails at all. I turned some apple handles to thread the ropes through, they are six inches long. The inlaid owl on the top is our family symbol. I this is made from Russian olive from branches pruned from some of our landscaping trees. Overall I enjoyed the project and may do another once I unwind from the focus I’ve had on this one the past two weeks.
Thank you for a nice design.

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